Volunteer Vacancies

The Tasmanian Trail is managed completely by volunteers, and the Tasmanian Trail Association Inc. is looking for additional helpers with specific abilities and interests. Volunteers work under the guidance of the Committee, working to the Secretary.

Tasmanian Trail management meetings are held approximately four times a year at various locations along the Trail, and it is hoped that all volunteers would attend these meetings to gain an understanding of the overall management practices. However, this is not mandatory. Meetings may occasionally be held in conjunction with a fundraising event over a weekend period. In this case, attendees may wish to stay on and spend the night away from home to participate in the additional activity.

Minute Secretary

The Minute Secretary records the proceedings of quarterly meetings, which normally run for at least two hours. The first draft can be referred to the Secretary for checking before being distributed.

Distribution is by email with hard copies going to members without a connection. The Minute Secretary may not be required to undertake the actual distribution but provide the completed copy to the Secretary for distribution.

Promotions Officer

The Tasmanian Trail has never been promoted in any serious campaign and present members are continually finding that there are even Tasmanians that are not aware of its existence. Promotion up to now has been opportunistic and although there has been some success in having the Trail included in other organisations' promotional systems, except for the development of its own website, little has been achieved to push the Trail's message forward.

The Association would like to have a dedicated officer to consider ways of promoting the Trail, to provide recommendations to the Committee and to coordinate decisions taken by the Committee in regard to promotion. In addition to providing strategic advice, the Promotions Officer would be involved in preparing and disseminating information such as press statements and articles.

Fund raising Coordinator

At present the Tasmanian Trail Association Inc. relies on membership fees, sales of the guidebook, donations, and fundraising events to raise the funds required to manage the Trail. No recurrent funds are provided by government.

The Association would like a dedicated officer responsible for the management of fundraising opportunities. This would not only involve sourcing funding opportunities but also writing applications for projects approved by the Committee.

It is envisaged that the Fund Raising Coordinator would also consider other ways of raising funds and make recommendations to the Committee.

Area Coordinators - Huon and Derwent Valley

The Tasmanian Trail is divided into four areas for management purposes: North, Central Plateau, Derwent Valley and Huon. An Area Coordinator, with the assistance of a small team, is responsible for the management of each area.

An Area Coordinator is to advise and assist users of the Trail and deal with any problem that is brought to their notice. This may require arranging working bees to replace Trail markers and signs or to repair damage caused by flood, bushfires or otherwise.

The Area Coordinator will generally represent the Association in the regional area by liaising with land owners that provide their land for the Trail as well as with local councils and government instrumentalities on matters of mutual interest. They may investigate and recommend new routes for the Trail.

Assistants to Area Coordinators - all areas

Area Assistants work closely with and assist Area Coordinators in advising and assisting users of the Tasmanian Trail, and report any problem that is brought to their notice. They participate in working bees, which may involve the replacement of Trail markers and signs or to repair damage caused by flood, bushfires or otherwise.

The Trail is divided into 4 areas for management purposes: North, Central Plateau, Derwent Valley and Huon. A small team is allocated to each area. Subject to local conditions and negotiation, Assistants could range over the respective areas or be delegated a section of the Trail close to their residence.