Tips for cyling the Trail

My wife and I cycled the Tasmanian Trail from Devonport to New Norfolk. We started on the 7th of March and took 10 days to cycle to New Norfolk. We really enjoyed it and would like to give other cyclists the following tips.

- Buy the book. Trail is well marked but info in book is invaluable.
- on cycling or walking mode was really useful when planning the day's route. This app is particularly useful for non Australians as the Tasmanian map can be downloaded and the app can be used off line without WiFi or mobile data.
- Keep gear to a minimum.
- Camping gear is not necessary if the following itinerary is used
* Day 1: Devonport to Sheffield
* Day 2: Sheffield to Quamby Corner
* Day 3: Quamby Corner to Poatina
* Day 4: Poatina to Miena
* Day 5: Miena to Ouse ( long day but mostly downhill )
* Day 6: Ouse to Bushy Park
* Day 7: Bushy Park to New Norfolk Quamby Corner, Poatina and Bushy Park should be booked well in advance to make sure accommodation is available.
- The above itinerary is also good as the climbing sections on day 2, 3 and 4 are first thing in the morning which is better when ones legs are fresh.
- Follow the advice in the book where it tells cyclists to stay on the road. The only place we pushed the bikes was up the steep bank just directly after we crossed the Mersey river. On day 6 we also stayed on the road after Ellendale as reading other people’s reviews it seemed like the route was more suitable to walkers.
- Food can be bought in all of the above places, although you might have to cook it yourself in Quamby Corner and Poatina. It is advisable to always bring snacks and lunch with you as some days there was no where to buy anything. There are good stores in Bracknell and Bronte Park.
- There is a BnB very close to the trail after crossing the Mersey River. However the bridge over the Lobster Creek leading to Beaumonts road has been washed away and it’s not easy to cross at this point.